Product technology introduction

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Generally reducer with single pair of gears transmission, parallel shaft structure and ordinary gear train is called gear reducer. Mostly straight gear and slanting gear are used in mini gear reducers. The reduction ratio of mini gear reducer is generally designed within range 1:200 except of extremely mini reducers.
Planetary gear reducer is a transmission structure of multi pairs of gears Transmission and dynamic gear train, spanning wide range of reduction ratio up to max. reduction ratio 1:1730. The planetary gear reducer has the character of small figure, light weight, heavy load, high efficiency and stable running. Compared with gear reducer, it can save 30%---50% both of volume and weight, specially suitable fro application requesting big reduction ratio and compact structure. Now for the reason that the speed of DC motor is hardly up to 1000 per minute but DC motor of relatively light rotating speed can lower speed and enhance torque after being assembled together with planetary gear reducer of small reduction ratio, Planetary gear reducer is frequently equipped in application requesting high rotating speed.
The main character of worm reducer is of crossed-axis transmission. 90 degree angle between output shafts of motor and reducer, stable running,low noise and self locking function. Its shortage is low efficiency. 
Rated load torque: output torque of motor at status of rated voltage, rated frequency and rated speed (of the diagram). The general calculation formular:Rated load torque=rated torque of motor X reduction ratio X transmission efficiency of reducer,Restrained by the maximum torque of reducer of big reduction motor,the maximum torque value is equivalent to the rated one. if the calculated value of rated load torque is bigger than the maximum torque.
Transmission efficiency of reducer: Torque efficiency of motor equipped with reducer, usually expressed in percentage. It is influenced by friction of bearing and gear, and condition of lubricating grease. Generally the transmission efficiency is 90%, transmission is 95% after the first gear train, and 81% after the second gear train. Bigger reduction ration requires motor gear trains and leads to lower transmission efficiency.The transmission efficiency of planetary gear reducer is much higher, generally its efficiency of one gear train.