HVAC Damper Actuators

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             Doncen have experience on desining geared motor for HVAC Damper Actuators. One of our biggest customers from the US which producing HVAC Dampler Actuators. During the desining period, Doncen R&D department foucs on improving the products' working life and working effiency. Also, Doncen promised that we have the best quality in our price range to help customers improve their product competitiveness. 

HVAC damper actuator-related gearmotors from Doncen are found anywhere an HVAC system is installed, such as agricultural factories and greenhouses. Our geared motor provide high torque and long working life to make sure that each damper have stable power output during working period.

Application motor display (Some products only for display):

Doncen provide customized service for customers, Please contact us for your special driving solution.